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Hiya :) My name is Kate O'Connor, and I'm a budding author in a world full of budding authors. I'm a massive fan of Stephen King, so as you can probably guess I love to write horror/thriller stories. I'm currently working on my first novel, which is a horror story about a hotel on the old US Route 666, better known as the Highway To Hell. I'll do my best not to make it too much like The Shining.

I was born and raised in outback Australia and developed my love for Stephen King thanks to my mum, who also loves his work. I also fell in love with the land, the isolation, and the stunning blue skies that stretch on for miles and slowly turn orange and pink as the day ends.

I've lived a few different places around the globe, but Australia always calls me home. Partly because no other country wants me permanently, but partly because I love this one just fine. And now that I'm back here for good, putting down roots and selling my soul to the banks in return for a house, it's time to focus on my dreams and write my little heart out. As a lover of all things horror, I mean that literally...

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