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Because everything is about to change...

Or so I hope. It's been a while, dear blogosphere, but rest assured I've been thinking of you often, if not actually contributing to you.

The new job has fared well and I managed to stick it out long enough to get my summer bonus, so hooray! Drinks all round, except that I'm not drinking anymore. Incredible, right?

Anyway the hope that I have for things to change soon stems from my plan for tomorrow afternoon. What is my plan, you say? Well I'm glad you asked! Tomorrow afternoon I have a phone call scheduled with a reporter from my local newspaper. He got in touch with my in response to an email I sent inquiring if there may be any room for another writer on the paper's team, even freelance. This reporter responded almost immediately and asked that I get in touch tomorrow to discuss a possible initial assignment. Could this be the beginning of my writing career? Who knows! All I know is that this may be a way for me to work on my writing while getting my name out in the writer's world at the same time! After all, Stephen King was a reporter in the early early days of his career. We all start somewhere. This is my time. I'm ready. Bring it on!

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