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Dear Subscribers...

I know you're out there. Thank you so much for signing up to my mailing list. I'm sorry that you haven't received anything to confirm that you've done so, but this is another aspect of owning a website that I'm new to, and as such I'm still trying to set it up.

I've actually spent the last hour simply trying to change the email address that my emails to you all come from. However, this is apparently an extremely difficult task for Wix tonight and so it is yet to be done. I'm verging on tossing my laptop straight through my office window, so it may be best if I walk away for the time being and try again tomorrow. Maybe the internet will be done with it's hissy fit by then, and things can return to normal. Until then, I think it's time for Netflix and maybe a cheeky ice cream. Don't tell my mum!

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