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Oh writing, how I have missed thee...

Ten days since my last blog post. What have I been up to? Everything! Or so it feels like to me, anyway. I've been away travelling for work, I've been writing, I've been submitting, I've been driving way too much, and I've been (only a little) grumpy.

This past weekend I was in Wentworth (no, not that one) for the 134th Wentworth Show. I worked on my company's stand for two days and spent my time either talking to the locals, eating fairy floss or doing social media videos for the photo competition we held. It was a great weekend (which earned me a whole lot of time in lieu!) but I was very happy to get home Sunday night and get my fur babies back on Monday.

So now hopefully things can get back to normal a little bit and I can get my routine back, with writing and being present online and in the Facebook groups I'm a part of. So keep watching this space, because I'll hopefully be adding more content soon. Cross your fingers for my submissions as well!

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