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Victorians... everywhere

This morning, after next to no sleep last night, Mum and I had to head to town for the day to a) drop my niece off with her other grandma for a sleepover, and b) so I could see my doctor about my right thigh (which I can't feel 99% of the time).

To be fair to the Victorians, I was fairly grumpy before getting in the car. But the sheer number of vehicles with Victorian licence plates on the road just blew my mind. I'd heard there was a mass exodus just before the border closed, but man oh man. It wasn't long before I was swearing at every Vic licence plate I saw and telling the driver to sod off back to his or her own State. Don't worry, this was all done from the privacy of inside Mum's car. No feelings were hurt in the process. I guess I just needed the vent. And Mum got a pretty good laugh out of it too.

I would really love to know how many of the vehicles I saw today actually had permits to be in NSW. Or if the occupants care at all about the potential risk they pose to the population of NSW, especially in the small country communities. Does no one know the meaning of asymptomatic? Or airborne? Or the seriousness of a virus whose long-term effects we know NOTHING about? It hasn't even been 'long-term' yet and the conditions and illnesses doctors are seeing in people who have contracted Covid-19 are (and there really are no other words for it) fucking terrifying!

I don't know, maybe I'm being dramatic. But it just seems to me that we shouldn't be playing Russian Roulette with a virus we know so little about. But that's none of my business.

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