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Its 12:08am, and today has been a shit day. I have some huge decisions ahead of me, and I have to figure out whether I have the balls to make the right one. Sleep eludes me and will probably continue to for as long as I'm writing emails and having conversations over and over in my head. Anxiety is a bitch.

But I promised to be more consistent with my writing, so here I am, laying in bed, typing this on my phone, listening to one of my little dogs whine at me because she wants to get up on the bed. Not tonight, Satan.

I'm discovering how important it is to stand up for yourself. Sad I know, considering I'm almost 33 years old. Better late than never! The hard part is actually doing it, without bursting into tears like the emotionally unstable wreck that I am. Baby steps.

And sometimes, when everything goes to shit and it all gets too hard, just say "Fuck it!", have a whiskey and go to bed.


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